November / December / January 2018


We have now finished our tour of Adventures in Pantoland! Next year we will be doing Aladdin – our favourite! Watch this space for more details!




Adventures in Pantoland

It’s behind you! Oh no it’s not! It’s coming up this December – the dreaded C word – CHRISTMAS!!! Why take the children to the pantomime (I need a wee! Are we nearly there yet?!) when the pantomime can come to you! Oh yes we can!

Adventure in Pantoland is our own version of the traditional pantomime – with a twist! A panto mash up where lots of your favourite panto goodies and baddies come together for one big adventure – in Pantoland! The usual Act On Info fun show all wrapped up in one big panto package! This is a fantastic one hour interactive, child friendly show featuring popular music, singing, lots of audience participation, slapstick comedy and colourful costumes. A panto the whole school can enjoy.


Booking Details:

Number of children*: Maximum 250 per show

Length of workshop: 1 hour

Maximum number of shows in one day: Three

Space needed: School hall

Inclusive Price*: £450 (one show), £800 (two shows)

*For more than two shows in a day or if you are a large school please contact us to discuss the details.

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