We are quite often asked these questions so we thought we’d make a page to answer them all in one go! Here goes!


  • Where are we based?

We are based near Manchester in the North West of England. (That bit sounds obvious we know but we sometimes get requests from overseas!)

  • Where do we work?

All across the UK and also in international schools. We have regular freelance workers who are based all over the UK so have staff in all areas of the country.


  • What does our price include?

Generally our price is fully inclusive (staff, workshop / show costs, props/costumes/equipment, music, admin costs etc)  but in certain circumstances we may have to charge more for travel. (See below)

  • Is travel included in the price?

Usually travel costs are included in the quoted price we have given you, if for any reason we don’t have a facilitator in your area and we need to travel a long distance or should it require an overnight stay we will inform you of the extra cost at the time of booking.

  • When do we pay the invoice?

Invoices will be dated 30 days before the delivery date; payment is required on or before the delivery date of the workshop/s.

  • Are we VAT registered?

Currently we are not VAT registered.

  • How do we pay you? 

We except payment via BACS and cheque. All the details you will need to pay us will be on the invoice provided. If we haven’t worked with you before we will provide you with our company details so you can set us up on your system.  Apologies but we are currently unable to except card payments.

  • Cancellations or postponements

Cancellations must be made a minimum of 10 working days before the agreed performance date. If a different mutually agreeable date cannot be agreed upon, 50% of the full price will be payable.


  • Are all our actors / facilitators DBS checked?

We require all our freelance workers to have an enhanced DBS check (under three years old). They will bring these DBS checks with them when they come to your school along with photo ID. If any further paperwork is required please let us know before we visit.

  • What do your actors bring with them when they come to our school?

Their DBS check and photo ID as standard. Dependent on which workshop or show you are having they may have lots of props / costumes / set / equipment or none.

Our visit

  • Do we have insurance?

We have employers liability insurance of up to £10, 000 000 and public liability insurance of up to £5,000 000. Our insurance certificate can be viewed on request.

  • What do we need to provide when you come to our school?

  1. One teacher per class must be present at all times during a performance or workshop. 
  2. An appropriate and safe space to deliver the show or workshop in. We require a prefer a school hall for shows and prefer one for workshops but realise this is not always feasible.
  3. We will inform you before we come how long we need to set up.
  4. We usually bring all the equipment we need with us, but if we need to use any school equipment we will ask before we come. 
  5. If we need to get changed for any reason we would appreciate being shown where it’s appropriate for us to do that. 
  6. We would appreciate being shown where the staff room and toilets are.
  7. We love tea and coffee and being offered biscuits! (Hint, hint!)
  • What do pupils need with them when watching a show / participating in a workshop?

Just themselves, a good sense of fun and a willingness to learn in a creative way! Occasionally if we are doing a bespoke workshop we may ask them to dress up or wear appropriate clothing but this will be stated before we come.


Phew, well we’re out of answers but if you think of any more questions give us a ring on 0333 772 0795.