Drama Game of the Week

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Icebreaker Three changes In pairs each couple takes a long look at each other. Then they turn their backs and change three things about their apperance. They can change their hair, the way they button their shirt, or roll up … Continued

Drama Game Of The Week

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We’ve had a few people saying they missed our drama game of the week, so we are reinstating them, we hope you like them! Icebreaker Name Show A name learning game for a group starting to work together for the … Continued

Anti-bullying drama workshops

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Anti Bullying Awareness Week 2012 runs from the 19th – 23rd November and the theme is: “We’re better without bullying”.  This year, Act On Info Theatre in Education Company are offering two different drama workshop options for your school.  1. … Continued

Back to school!

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Happy New School Year! We have sharpened our pencils, put our new school shoes on (they feel a bit tight!), packed our lunchboxes and we are ready to go back to school! After a great holiday we are raring to … Continued

Exciting things happening in 2012!

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We have loved the excitement of the Olympics this summer holidays and are very sad they have finished. But what a great inspiration it has been for children to feel proud of Britain as a country and to strive for … Continued

Drama game of the week

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If you want to focus the groups attention at the beginning or end of a session, try this effective concentration game. Count to 20 (Age 10 +)  The participants sit or stand in a circle. The idea is the group has … Continued

Drama game of the week

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A physical warm up and stretching exercise for any age group named after the famous wooden puppet. Hands up who wants to be a real boy?! Pinocchio  Get your group to spread themselves out throughout the room and to take a … Continued

Drama game of the week

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A great, simple warm up – can be used as a way for the group to learn each other’s names and break the ice. Tag my Name (Age 8 +)  The group stands in a circle, the facilitator explains that … Continued

Road Safety Drama Workshops

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Walking or cycling to school is fantastic but we really have to educate our children in road safety. Due to the fantastic work of the government and schools in 2009 we had the lowest number of road accident deaths on … Continued

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