Drama Game Of The Week

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We’ve had a few people saying they missed our drama game of the week, so we are reinstating them, we hope you like them! Icebreaker Name Show A name learning game for a group starting to work together for the … Continued

Drama game of the week

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A physical warm up and stretching exercise for any age group named after the famous wooden puppet. Hands up who wants to be a real boy?! Pinocchio  Get your group to spread themselves out throughout the room and to take a … Continued

Olympic Drama

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Well, we are back in school with a vengeance, covering everything from Fairytales to Volcanoes, with Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greeks thrown in there for good measure. The Ancient Greeks brought us a lot of things including drama for which … Continued

What a Term!

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We are winding down here as we have just done our last day in school in 2011! This term we have had a fantastic time doing Road Safety Workshops, our KS1 show showing how toys Fairy Princess Buttercup, Captain Fearless … Continued

Book your Drama Workshop Now

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We have been working very hard now that term is well and truly underway and have been having a great time in schools on our new projects. Book your drama workshop now! The enquiries for this November’s anti-bullying week are … Continued

Welcome back!

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Hi there, Welcome back to the new school year! Hopefully you’ve had as much of a productive few weeks as we have. We have been developing many new drama workshops and assemblies in response to demand and are very happy … Continued

Using drama for health and wellbeing

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Good health is important for our children as it can improve behaviour, energy levels, concentration, attendance, academic ability, strength, growth and emotional health and impact on a child’s long term future and personal life. Drama can be a really meaningful … Continued

Act On Literacy

The Orange prize long list has been announced and out of the 20 books there are nine debut novelists on the list. The prize was created to celebrate “excellence, originality and accessibility in women’s writing throughout the world”, and is now … Continued

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