Shakespeare Drama Workshops

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This week we will mainly be doing Shakespeare drama workshops in high schools and we are very excited to be able to offer schools a new package whereby we can deliver an off timetable day to a whole year group, for … Continued

Free 2 Choose – 2014 – Forced Marriage project

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Our Free 2 Choose Project has been evaluated has said what we already knew – that the project was a great success. The project aimed to educate young people and adults about the subject of forced marriage. On a wider scale … Continued

Drama Game of the Week!

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A fun way to get a group physically and mentally alert as well as building teamwork and cooperation. You need a large space to play it in. Teach everyone the following three characters: Giant – Stands on tip-toes,  raises hands above head, curl fingers, makes a roaring … Continued

Let’s (not) get it on! SRE drama

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On Tuesday 11 June, New Clause 20 – which would have made personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education, including sex and relationships education (SRE), statutory in state schools – was disappointingly defeated by 303 votes to 209. This comes … Continued

Storytelling resources

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Here at Act On Info we really value the art of storytelling and often use interactive storytelling within our literacy  drama workshops.  Traditional Arts Team with the support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has produced an invaluable resource aimed at … Continued

Free 2 Choose Conference 2013

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We have been working on a fantastic project about Forced Marriage since September which came to fruition this Monday with the Free 2 Choose 2013 Conference held at Manchester University. A collaborative project between Manchester City Council, the CPS, the … Continued

Anti-Bullying Awareness Week 2012

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We have been preparing for it for ages and now it is finally here! The theme this week is “We’re Better without Bullying” and we couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. Anti-bullying week runs this week and we will be delivering … Continued

Anti-bullying drama workshops

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Anti Bullying Awareness Week 2012 runs from the 19th – 23rd November and the theme is: “We’re better without bullying”.  This year, Act On Info Theatre in Education Company are offering two different drama workshop options for your school.  1. … Continued

Exciting things happening in 2012!

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We have loved the excitement of the Olympics this summer holidays and are very sad they have finished. But what a great inspiration it has been for children to feel proud of Britain as a country and to strive for … Continued

What is Forum Theatre?

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This week had someone asking us if forum theatre meant we had to perform our drama workshops in a forum theatre space, so we thought we would try and explain some of the terms thats we take for granted which other … Continued

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