It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrr!

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Ahoy! Arr me hearties, ’tis international Talk Like a Pirate Day, ‘n if ye like pirates, don’t forget t’ book our anti-bullying show – The Pirates Code fer KS1 pupils fer this November. Dates are bookin’ up fast so get … Continued

Once Upon a Wolf – Literacy Tour – 2018

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So when writing our KS1 literacy show for World Book Day 2018 and beyond we were fascinated by the big bad rep the Big Bad Wolf has. Lots of children (my 8 year-old son included) is terrified of the Big … Continued

Anti-Bullying theatre shows for schools

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We are getting excited about our anti-bullying plays which will be touring across the country in November this year and have decided to celebrate! We are  running a competition on our Facebook  and Twitter pages – if you can do a … Continued

Shakespeare Drama Workshops

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This week we will mainly be doing Shakespeare drama workshops in high schools and we are very excited to be able to offer schools a new package whereby we can deliver an off timetable day to a whole year group, for … Continued

Drama Game of the Week!

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A fun way to get a group physically and mentally alert as well as building teamwork and cooperation. You need a large space to play it in. Teach everyone the following three characters: Giant – Stands on tip-toes,  raises hands above head, curl fingers, makes a roaring … Continued

Fairytale Drama

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Fairytales are great for use in all different areas of the curriculum. For English you can create a storyboard of events for a fairytale, in Maths use magic beans as a counting aid, in Geography you can create a map … Continued

Summer Term!

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Welcome back to the Summer Term everyone! We had to battle through the wind and rain to get to Act On Info Towers this morning, but we shan’t let the weather defeat us as we’re so glad to be back in school … Continued

Florence Nightingale Drama Workshop

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Florence Nightingale was an amazing, pioneering woman! We know this because recently our Florence Nightingale drama workshops for Reception and KS1 classes have been flying out all over the country. Some facts you might not know about Flo: 1. Florence Nightingale … Continued

Happy New Year!

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Well, yes we know it’s now February and we’re a bit late, but the whole of January has been taken up with us moving offices and being without internet connection, which has proved to be a big challenge! The main … Continued

Anti-Bullying Awareness Week 2012

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We have been preparing for it for ages and now it is finally here! The theme this week is “We’re Better without Bullying” and we couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. Anti-bullying week runs this week and we will be delivering … Continued

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