Free 2 Choose – 2014 – Forced Marriage project

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Our Free 2 Choose Project has been evaluated has said what we already knew – that the project was a great success. The project aimed to educate young people and adults about the subject of forced marriage. On a wider scale … Continued

Tops Tips – Positive Sexual Health Launch

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Act On Info are very pleased to announce the launch of a very exciting resource for deaf young people. We had a very small part in the creation of these resources working with the young people on silent movie acting for the creation … Continued

From Superheroes to Knobbly Knees

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Hello all, we hope you are all well, we’ve been busy busy bees as usual and can’t believe we have had half term already! Or as one teacher said to us the other day – “Only 4 weeks till the … Continued

Drama game of the week

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Follow me Ask the group to spread out around the room. Get them to start to walk around the room slowly but when you say faster or slower they must follow these directions. If you shout change, they must change direction immediately. Direct them … Continued

Drama game of the week

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This is a challenging and intimate get-to-know-you activity which works best for smaller groups of up to 10. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One Another (Age 16+) It involves fun and interesting self-disclosure by sharing answers to some … Continued

Summer Term!

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Welcome back to the summer term, it’s all go go go here and we are really looking forward to this term being a great one as much as we are looking forward to the sun coming out! We thought you … Continued

Women Care – community drama project

As part of International Women’s Week, our fantastic facilitator Kate has been working with the Women Care Group, a group of refugee and asylum seeker women based at the Pakistani Community Association in Longsight. Funded by the South Manchester Law … Continued

Shakespeare with a Whoosh!

We always love working on Shakespeare with young people and have been delivering drama workshops and Play in a Day to get children excited about his plays across the country. With this in mind we are really looking forward to … Continued

Olympic Drama

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Well, we are back in school with a vengeance, covering everything from Fairytales to Volcanoes, with Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greeks thrown in there for good measure. The Ancient Greeks brought us a lot of things including drama for which … Continued

Drama Stimuli

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There are a number of things you can use in order to stimulate and enrich an   interesting drama lesson or drama workshop in school. Here are some ideas we here at Act On Info have used in the past. Music … Continued

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