Anti-Bullying in schools

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We were very sad to hear of Simon Brooks who in April died of an overdose aged just 15 years old.  He left a note which blamed bullies for making his life a misery. His mum Julie Brooks said her … Continued

Drama workshops as stimulus for reading

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A recent poll by Save the Children has shown that every year, around 130,000 children in the UK – including 40% of children from poorer backgrounds – leave primary school not reading as well as they should – which means that if … Continued

Free 2 Choose – 2014 – Forced Marriage project

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Our Free 2 Choose Project has been evaluated has said what we already knew – that the project was a great success. The project aimed to educate young people and adults about the subject of forced marriage. On a wider scale … Continued

From Superheroes to Knobbly Knees

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Hello all, we hope you are all well, we’ve been busy busy bees as usual and can’t believe we have had half term already! Or as one teacher said to us the other day – “Only 4 weeks till the … Continued

Picture this…..Drama Game of the Week!

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Works well with any age. Good to use for stimulating imagination or for a calmingcool-down at the end of the session. Ask everyone  to spread out and then lay down facing the ceiling. Ask them to close their eyes and picture what you … Continued

Hoola Hoop! Drama Game of the Week!

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This is an oldie but a goodie for promoting teamwork & accomplishment. Get everyone standing in a circle holding hands. Place a hoola hoop on one person’s shoulder so that it is resting on their right or left shoulder at the … Continued

Where am I? Drama Game of the Week!

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This game can be used to simulate imagination & physicality. A great warm up if you are going on to do work which involves asking your group to imagine themselves in a different setting.  Ask everyone to walk around the space … Continued

Race! Drama Game of the Week!

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Does your group need a kick start first thing in the morning? This is a great energising warm-up activity to get everyone moving and awake!  Have everyone stand in a circle facing inward and tell the group that they are … Continued

Drama Game of the Week! Music Box

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Music Box A great vocal warmup and focus game. Everyone sits or stands in a circle, with their heads down and eyes closed. Start by making a repetitive sound, as an example such as “dum, dum, dum, dum.” Then encourage the pupils to think … Continued

Drama Game of the Week!

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The Rain Game A great game to bring your students together and get them to focus. Get everyone in a circle. Rub the palms of your hands together, making a swishing sound. Ask the students to join in. Once all the students … Continued

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