Drama Game of the Week!

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A fun way to get a group physically and mentally alert as well as building teamwork and cooperation. You need a large space to play it in. Teach everyone the following three characters: Giant – Stands on tip-toes,  raises hands above head, curl fingers, makes a roaring … Continued

Let’s (not) get it on! SRE drama

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On Tuesday 11 June, New Clause 20 – which would have made personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education, including sex and relationships education (SRE), statutory in state schools – was disappointingly defeated by 303 votes to 209. This comes … Continued

Shakespeare Play in a Day – International!

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We’re really sorry we haven’t posted anything for a while – yes we could make the usual excuses of filling in funding application forms (which we have done a lot of!) and being busy writing (which we’ve also done a lot … Continued

Fairytale Drama

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Fairytales are great for use in all different areas of the curriculum. For English you can create a storyboard of events for a fairytale, in Maths use magic beans as a counting aid, in Geography you can create a map … Continued

Working as an actor in Theatre in Education

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We get a lot of CV’s from young actors wanting to work for us. For me the first notion I had of acting came from watching a Road Safety drama workshop at primary school and realizing that these people were having … Continued

Shakespeare Resources

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Globe Education have produced a resource on A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is aimed for students at Key Stage 3 and 4. It contains the entire script  with a range of exercises for rehearsals , actors’ comments and full colour photos from … Continued

Storytelling resources

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Here at Act On Info we really value the art of storytelling and often use interactive storytelling within our literacy  drama workshops.  Traditional Arts Team with the support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has produced an invaluable resource aimed at … Continued

Summer Term!

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Welcome back to the Summer Term everyone! We had to battle through the wind and rain to get to Act On Info Towers this morning, but we shan’t let the weather defeat us as we’re so glad to be back in school … Continued

Free 2 Choose Conference 2013

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We have been working on a fantastic project about Forced Marriage since September which came to fruition this Monday with the Free 2 Choose 2013 Conference held at Manchester University. A collaborative project between Manchester City Council, the CPS, the … Continued

Drama Game of the Week

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Teamwork, Focus, Rhythm Warm up Human Machine Any size group. This is a great drama game that encourages a group to work together. Get everyone in a circle, they can choose whether to stand or sit. One person starts by … Continued

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