New School Year – New Drama Workshops!

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Our pencils are sharpened, we have new shoes and  school has started again! We’ve had a busy summer delivering WWI centenary projects at the National Memorial Arboretum which was a site specific piece for the centenary and the children who took part … Continued

Girls safety under threat

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After the fabulous news that we have received funding from the Forced Marriage Unit of the government to continue our work on Forced Marriage we had a great meeting this week with our partners Stockport Without Abuse, Sameem Ali (Manchester … Continued

Drama Game of the Week

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Warm up Bomb and Shield Each person in the group must secretly choose two other people in the group. The first person they choose is a bomb and the second person is a shield. Get everyone to walk around the … Continued

What is Forum Theatre?

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This week had someone asking us if forum theatre meant we had to perform our drama workshops in a forum theatre space, so we thought we would try and explain some of the terms thats we take for granted which other … Continued

Anti-bullying drama workshops

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We already have bookings from very organised teachers (We wish we were as organised as that!) wanting our services for 2012’s anti- bullying week so this is just a quick reminder for you to get in quick! The theme for … Continued

Summer Drama

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Well, although Wimbledon is well and truly done it still doesn’t feel like the summer and we’re considering emigrating to a warmer climate! But we can’t because we’d miss working in schools too much. We can’t believe that next week … Continued

Half Term – Already?

We can’t believe its half term already! Where has the time gone? We have spent it in schools doing drama workshops and assemblies  on  everything from Space Exploration to Telling the Truth, with various characters from Harry Potter to King Arthur! Half … Continued

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