Option one: Act On PSHE Workshops

Through drama games and activities we explore the PSHE topic  using drama games, role play, freeze frame  and forum theatre techniques. These are fast paced fun workshops putting across important messages. This option is suitable for up to four classes in one day.


Act On Your Superhero Power! If you had a superhero power what would it be? To fly? To turn yourself  invisible?  To turn yourself into a pizza? Using fun drama games, quirky characters and drama techniques we explore your classes individual strengths  and discover how we they work together to defeat a bullying baddie, learn some important anti-bullying messages and possibly save the world at the same time!


 Booking details:

Number  of children: Maximum 35 per workshop

Length  of workshop: 45 minutes 

Maximum  number of workshops in one day: Four

Space needed: School hall or large room

Provided: Facilitator to lead the workshop, props to stimulate the imagination.

Price: Morning (Two workshops) £250 / Full Day (Four workshops) £320

Option two: Play in One Day

Rehearsing with our professional director your class work together to create a play which is then  performed for  an invited audience, sharing the learning with other classes. Pupils explore and learn the play through drama games and activities using sound effects, movement and mime. Suitable for up to two classes per day.


Superhero School – Evil baddies Bully Boy and Gossip Girl  are trying to turn the world into bullies! Your class must do their superhero training, learn their individual strengths and work together to defeat the bullies and save the world! A fun play with strong messages about finding your strengths, working together, friendship and anti-bullying.

Road Safety

Toy Box –  Your pupils become toys who have been left in the park by mistake. The toys must work together to find their way home safely – across a busy road! This fun play delivers serious messages asking – what is traffic? Why do we Stop, Look and Listen? The importance of holding hands, learning to be bright and be seen and discovering the safer places to play.

Booking details:

Number  of children: One class per play

Length  of workshop:  Full Day 

Space needed: School hall or large room

Provided: One director, one original script, music props to stimulate the imagination.

Price: Full Day  – £320


If the PSHE topic you are covering is not listed here, given four weeks notice, we will prepare a bespoke PSHE drama workshop or play in one day for you.


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