Here at Act On Info we love Shakespeare and in particular we love helping young people to understand just why Shakespeare’s plays are still relevant today. Love and hate, magic and the supernatural, tricks and jokes, murder and madness, what’s not to love about Shakespeare and his amazing plays?!


Option one: Act On Shakespeare

This drama workshop uses interactive storytelling to explore the play from start to finish, challenges pupils to become the characters and discover their motivations, examines the themes, explores the language and it’s rhythm and asks questions to generate ideas for creative writing and further study. Can be used as a practical introduction to the topic, a way of exploring the play in more detail or as a fun way to round up the topic. We can look at Shakespeare in general or focus on one particular play.


Option two: Play in One Day

Rehearsing all day with our professional director your class act on creating a 15-minute Shakespeare play,  sharing the learning with other classes and/or parents in a performance at the end of the school day. Each pupil has a speaking part as a character or narrator and all participants will be actively involved using inventive theatre techniques such as choral speech, stylised movement and mime. Can be used as an exciting introduction to the topic, to bring the learning to life during the topic or as a fun filled conclusion. For more details see our Play in One Day FAQ’s.


Plays available:


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Love, fairies, mischief and magic in this classic Shakespearean comedy.


Hamlet Hamlet’s dad dies and his mum marries his uncle! Hopping mad? So is he! A wonderfully tragic tale of revenge.


Macbeth Ghosts, witches, sword fights and beheading, no wonder pupils love this tragedy.


Romeo and Juliet Parties, jokes, star crossed love, feuds and fights in this tragic tale.


The Tempest An island tale of magic, love, high jinks, revenge and bad jokes.


Twelfth Night A shipwreck, mistaken identity, high jinks and yellow stockings – one of Shakespeare’s funniest comedies.  


Booking details:


Act On Drama Workshop

Number  of children: Maximum 35 per workshop

Length  of workshop: 1. 5 hours

Maximum  number of workshops in one day: Three

Space needed: School hall or large room

Provided: Facilitator to lead the workshop, props and music to stimulate the imagination.

Price: Morning (Two workshops) £250 / Full Day (Three workshops) £320

Play in One Day

Number of pupils per play: Maximum of 35

 Length of workshop: Full school day

What we provide: One professional director and an original script

Add on*:

  • Music
  • Props and costumes
  • Resource pack to follow up the work

Space needed: School hall or large uncluttered room

Price for one day:

£280 (one director and original script)

*£320 (one director/ original script/ costume /props / music / resource pack)

Please ask us for our discounted prices for booking more than one day.


If the play you are studying  is not listed here, given four weeks notice, we can prepare a bespoke workshop or play for you.

  Want to book or know more? Contact us