Option one: Act On Myths and Legends

This drama workshop uses interactive storytelling to explore the story,  challenges pupils to physically become the characters and explore their motivations, examines the messages the story teaches us, asks why their are different versions of the story and poses questions to generate ideas for creative writing and further study. Can be used as a practical introduction to the topic, a way of exploring the story in more detail or as a fun way to round up the topic.


Booking details:

Number  of children: Maximum 35 per workshop

Length  of workshop: 1. 5 hours

Maximum  number of workshops in one day: Two

Space needed: School hall or large room

Provided: Facilitator to lead the workshop, props and music to stimulate the imagination.

Price: Full Day – £320

Option two: Play in One Day

Rehearsing all day with our professional director your class act on creating a 15-minute play,  sharing the learning with other classes and/or parents in a performance at the end of the school day. Each pupil has a speaking part as a character or narrator and all participants will be actively involved using inventive theatre techniques such as choral speech, stylised movement and mime. Can be used as an exciting introduction to the topic, to bring the learning to life during the topic or as a fun filled conclusion. For more details see our Play in One Day FAQ’s.

Booking details

Number of pupils per play: Maximum of 35

Length of workshop: Full school day

What we provide: One professional director and an original script, music, props and costumes, resource pack to follow up the work if requested

Space needed: School hall or large uncluttered room

Price for one day: £320

Price for two days: £550

Please ask us for a quote if you would like to book more than two days or if you would like to block book throughout the year.  

Myths and Legends available:

Beowulf – Someone is eating the Danes for dinner!  Can our hero Beowulf kill the mighty monster Grendel?

Daedalus and Icarus – Trapped on an island by a crazy king! Can Icarus resist flying too close to the sun?

King Arthur – Magic swords, brave knights and fierce battles ensue as King Arthur battles to keep his crown.

Odysseus and the Cyclops – A one eyed monster with really bad jokes!? Can Odysseus escape being eaten?

Perseus and Medusa –   Medusa’s having a really bad hair day! Can Perseus avoid being turned to stone?

Theseus and the Minotaur – Theseus braves the maze to kill the Minotaur! But can he avoid getting married? Yuck!  

Robin Hood –The sheriffs in a very bad mood! Can our hero Robin evade capture?

If the topic you are covering is not listed here, given four weeks notice, we can prepare a bespoke workshop or play for you.


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