Rehearsing all day with our professional director your class act on creating a 15-minute play,  sharing the learning with other classes and/or parents in a performance at the end of the school day. Each pupil has a speaking part as a character or narrator and all participants will be actively involved using inventive theatre techniques such as choral speech, stylised movement and mime. A play in one day can be used as an exciting introduction to the topic, to bring the learning to life during the topic or as a fun filled conclusion. It is suitable for pupils of all abilities. For more details see our Play in One Day FAQ’s page.


History Plays:

Ancient Egypt –  Watch out for Nile crocodiles, grumpy Gods and friendly mummies in this fun play!

Ancient Greeks – Create the Olympics, build the Acropolis and fight a war to appease the Greeks Gods! 

Anglo-Saxons Visit a village, relive the battle of Hastings and dig up some treasure at Sutton Hoo!

Ancient Sumer – Invent the wheel, writing, and the number 60  with those marvellous Mesopotamians!

Aztecs –  Create a civilisation and worship the emperor Montezuma. Beware – you may be sacrificed!

Mayans –  Deep into the rainforest only a handful of ruins remain!  What happened to the mysterious Mayans?

Romans – Walk down a Roman road asking – what have  the Romans ever done for us?

Stone Age to Iron Age – Cave drawings, long barrows, and hill forts – 8000 years of history in this prehistoric play!

The Battle of Hastings 1066 – Vikings, Knights, battles, and broken promises – no wonder pupils love this play!

The Titanic – Sail away on the unsinkable ship, meet the people on board, but lookout for icebergs!

Tudors – Meet marvellous monarchs, sail the world, buy a potato and be in a Shakespeare play!

Victorians – Bow to Queen Victoria, ride a steam train, visit the seaside and get stuck up the chimney!

Vikings – Face Thor’s mighty thunder, sail a Longship and pull off a daring raid in this heroic adventure.  

WWI – Henry and Frances watch their father go to war, their mother go to work – and their lives change forever. Playing soldiers just isn’t as much fun anymore.

WWII – Be evacuated, crowd into an air raid shelter and count your ration stamps in this fun but factual play.  


Booking details:

Number of pupils per play: Maximum of 35

 Length of workshop: Full school day

What we provide: One professional director and an original script, music, props and costumes, resource pack to follow up the work

Space needed: School hall or large uncluttered room

Price for one day: £320 

Price for two days: £550

Please ask us for a quote if you would like to book more than two days – or ask us about block booking throughout the year. If your topic is not listed here, we can prepare a History Based Play in One Day for you given four weeks notice.


Recent feedback: Our children thought it was on the best day they had ever had at school. The children were worried at first but grew in confidence, ready for their big performance in front of their parents. We will be booking again!

Battle of Hastings 1066 play in one day  – Bandon Hill School.

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 We also deliver History Play in One Day for KS1!