Option one: Act On History Workshops

Led by a costumed character your pupils explore the history topic through drama games and activities. A great option if you want your class to explore the history topic through drama. This option is suitable for up to three classes in one day.

Act On Florence NightingaleYour pupils go back in time to meet the intrepid lady with the lamp.  Learn all about Florence’s childhood, sail with her across the seas to Scutari Hospital, help  to scrub it clean and care for the soldiers and learn how Florence’s amazing legacy still lives on today.

Act On the Great Fire of London Travel back in time to Pudding Lane in 1666  to meet and question Samuel Pepys and through drama games and songs learn all about how the fire started, spread and changed the face of London forever.

Act On the Gunpowder Plot –  This drama workshop uses songs, drama games and activities and lively debate to take your pupils back to 1605 to meet King James I who is very bossy and Guy Fawkes who has a daring plan!

Booking details:

Number  of children: Maximum 35 per workshop

Length of workshop: 1. 5 hours

Maximum number of workshops in one day: Two

Space needed: School hall or large room

Provided: Costumed character to lead the workshop, props to stimulate the imagination.

Price: Morning (One workshop) £250 / Full Day (Two workshops) £320

Option two: Play in One Day

Rehearsing with our director your class work together through drama games and activities to create a play in one day about your chosen topic which is shown to an invited audience at the end of the day. Pupils explore and learn the play through drama games and activities, using sound effects, movement and mime. We bring music, props and costumes to stimulate the children’s imaginations.

Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong

Explorers! Land ahoy! Sail with Christopher Columbus to a brave new world – Asia! Or is it? Lift off! Ride in a rocket to the moon with Neil Armstrong and take one small step for man…. We compare these two great pioneers and how their adventures changed the world forever.

Christopher Columbus and Tim Peake

Space Explorers! Take one small step with Neil Armstrong and then rocket forwards in time to take a spacewalk with Tim Peake! Study and compare these two great astronauts in a fun and engaging play.

Florence Nightingale 

Supernurse! – Little Florence doesn’t want to wear dresses and be a lady – she wants to be a nurse. But not just any nurse – a super-nurse! Can Florence realise her dream? She can and in more ways than even she can imagine!

The Great Fire of London

London’s Burning! Samuel just wants to write his diary,  King Charles just wants to buy some buns, and Sir Thomas just wants a nap – but London’s burning! Can we help to put out the fire?

The Gunpowder Plot

Boom! King James and his friends are very, very bossy and Guy Fawkes and his friends are just not going to stand for it! Can Guy Fawkes pull off his naughty plan – with a boom?!

Booking details:

Number  of children: One class per play

Length  of workshop: Full day

Space needed: School hall or large room

Provided: One director, one original script, music and props to stimulate the imagination.

Price: £320



“Each class had such a great time and every single child learnt something new from it which is really positive. The pitch was appropriate and it was extremely engaging” Great Fire of London workshops – The Grove Academy, London

“We had a great day, the children were exposed to and retained in some excellent information delivered in a clear and exciting way. We loved the costume (some children thought she was the real thing!) and the fact the children were so active.” Florence Nightingale Workshop – Fosters Primary School, Kent

“We all thoroughly enjoyed your visit to do the Great Fire of London Play in a Day – the children loved it and wanted to perform it for their families at our class assembly! I am going to book you again for next year.” St Phillips CE Primary, Atherton.


If the history topic you are covering is not listed here, given four weeks notice, we will prepare a bespoke history drama workshop for you.


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