Option one: Create stories, fables and poems

A great option for one class per day. Working with our creative director your class create a 15 minute performance  which is shown to an invited audience at the end of the day.

We use a mixture of scripted work and devising to create a performance unique to your class. Each pupil will have a speaking part as a character, narrator or chorus member and all participants will be actively involved using choral speech, sound effects, songs, movement and mime.

Can be used as an exciting introduction to the topic, to bring the topic to life or as a fun filled conclusion.

Create Traditional Tales

Your pupils create their own unique version of these traditional tales.


Alice in Wonderland  


The Jungle Book 


Treasure Island 


Peter Pan 


Create Modern Tales

Pupils create their own unique performance based around these modern popular books.


Potty About Potter – Based around the magical Harry Potter books.


Phizwhizzingplay Based around the hopscotchy Roald Dahl books.


Awfully Bad Play – based around the fantastically funny David Walliams books.


Create Fables

Mix and match two fables to be performed together in one great creation.


The Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg
The Hare and the Tortoise
The Lion and the Mouse
Or tell us your favourite!


Create Poems 

Create a fabulous unique performance based around one of your favourite poems!


Walking with My Iguana – Brian Moses

The Highwayman – Alfred Noyes

The Witches Spell from Macbeth – Shakespeare

The Ning Nang Nong – Spike Milligan

Or tell us your favourite!



Want to find out more? Download our Create Stories, Fables and Poems Brochure – KS2


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