What is the format for the day?

  • 09.00 – Warm up games tailored towards the topic.
  • 09.20 – Pupils explore the topic through drama activities.
  • 10.00 – Rehearsal begins! Lines and movement are learned through exploration and repetition.
  • Breakout activities are used throughout the day to check pupils understanding.
  • 13.30 – If required we add in basic costume, props and music to the performance.*
  • 14.30 – pupils take over and show off all their hard work!

Booking details:

Number of pupils per play: Maximum of 35

Length of workshop:

  • KS1 – Half day
  • KS2 – Full school day
What we provide:
  • One professional director
  • An original script

 Add on*:

  • Music
  • Props and costumes
  • Resource pack to follow up the work                    

Space needed: School hall


One day

  • £280 (basic play in a day)
  • *£320 (with costume /props / music / resource pack)

Two days

  • £500 (basic play in a day)
  • £550 (with costume /props / music / resource pack)

Can we book more than one day?

Yes, you can book more than one day. Schools use us every year to deliver from one – twelve days throughout the year. You can book these days consecutively or spread them out over a term or even a school year, it’s up to you. Have a look at our block bookings page for some great deals.

Do we decide in advance or on the day which play we would like to do?

Usually we ask you to decide in advance, that’s because our facilitators like to have their planning and prep done before the day they work with your class or classes. Also if you would like us to bring costumes and props we need to make sure they get to you on time. However if you really can’t decide and just want a basic play in a day we can bring a few different scripts for the class to choose from.

Can we do a different play each day?

Yes, if we are delivering a few different days for you we can deliver a different play each day we are with you. Again to help with our planning we would ask that you choose these in advance and tell us on which day you would like which play.

What does your cost include?

If we give you a price, that’s the price you’ll pay, we don’t add on travel costs.

Are we VAT registered?

No we are not currently VAT registered.

How and when do we have to pay?