Option one: Act On Anti-Bullying

  • This forum theatre workshop explores this years anti-bullying theme of All Different, All Equal. Through theatre, hot seating and drama activities we aim to explore why young people are bullied for being “different” and ask if instead we should celebrate what makes people unique. This workshop aims to help young people understand how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school, able to be themselves, without fear of bullying.

We explore:

  • Why are people bullied?
  • Who bullying effects.
  • The emotional impact of bullying.
  • What your pupils can do to celebrate difference. 
  • Where to get help.

Using drama techniques, we explore how we can work together to defeat bullying in your classroom and in your school.

Booking details:

Maximum number of pupils per workshop: 60ABA assoc member 2 colour

Number of workshops per day: Four

Length of workshop:  45 minutes

Space needed: School hall


·        Full Day (Four workshops): £350

·        Two Days (Eight workshops): £650

Option two: Play in One Day

Rehearsing all day with our professional director your class act on creating a 15-minute play,  sharing the learning with other classes and/or parents in a performance at the end of the school day. Each pupil has a speaking part as a character or narrator and all participants will be actively involved using inventive theatre techniques such as choral speech, stylised movement and mime. Can be used as an exciting introduction to the topic, to bring the learning to life during the topic or as a fun filled conclusion. For more details see our Play in One Day FAQ’s.

Powerful (Anti-bullying) Ash accidentally creates a potion that gives him special powers.  This play explores bullying, the emotional impact, individual and collective strengths and weakness and how and where to get help.

Escape Cyberspace – Sam enters a great new place to learn new facts, play games and hang out with friends – Cyberspace! But is it safe? What happens when the Cyberbully enters?   This plays explores internet safety and cyberbullying.

Healthy Eating The Pickle twins are mortified! Mum is singing, dad is dancing and grandparents are getting it all wrong on TV programme Bun Fight! Learn all about different food groups, eating a balanced diet and why grandma shouldn’t breakdance in public!

Street Smart (Road Safety) Late for school, bike helmets messing up your hair and dad shouting in the car- who has time for Road Safety!? Explore crossings, pedestrian and roadside conduct, independent travel and in-vehicle behaviour.

TransitionPupils explore the exciting journey they will take through school, the transition to high school, the prospect of further education and the different careers that are on offer for the end of their education.

Booking details:

Number of pupils per play: Maximum of 35

 Length of workshop: Full school day

What we provide: One professional director and an original script, music, props and costumes, resource pack to follow up the work

Space needed: School hall or large uncluttered room

Price for one day £320 

Price for two days: £550

Please ask us for a quote if you would like to book more than two days or would like to block book throughout the year.


If the topic you are covering is not listed here, given four weeks notice, we can prepare a bespoke workshop or play for you.


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