Option one: Act On Anti-Bullying

This drama workshops raise awareness of bullying and its effects using a combination of performance and forum theatre techniques. We show a bullying scenario and encourage pupils to look at bullying from the viewpoint of the bully, bystander and target, exploring the emotions and motivations of each character. Pupils practically role play some strategies to deal with bullying in a safe environment. The workshop also signposts pupils to various ways to stay safe and get help. We can focus on Emotional & Physical Bullying or Cyber Bullying dependent on what you think is most relevant to your school.

Booking details:

Maximum number of pupils per workshop:  Two classes (approx. 60 pupils) per workshop

Length of workshop: 1 hour

Number of workshops per day: Four maximum

Space needed: School hall or drama studio.

Price: (Full day)  £650


 Option two: Play in One Day

Rehearsing all day with our professional director your class create a 20 minute play with a PSHE focus,  sharing the learning with other classes and/or parents in a performance at the end of the school day and/or a later assembly. Pupils decide what the focus of the play is and each pupil has a speaking part as a character or narrator. All participants are actively involved using inventive theatre techniques such as choral speech, stylised movement and mime. Can be used as an effective peer learning tool to educate other year groups. For more details see our Play in One Day FAQ’s.

Plays available:

Anti-Bullying  Covers what bullying is, different types of bullying,  the roles of bully, target and bystander, coping strategies and responses, staying safe, getting help.

Cyber-Bullying – Covers what cyber-bullying is,  the motivations behind cyber-bullying,  the roles of bully, victim and bystanders, the emotional effects on the target and the wider implications, taking responsibility, how and where to get help, key safety advice.


Booking details:

Number of pupils per play: Maximum of 35

Length of workshop: Full school day

What we provide: One professional director and an original script

Add on*:

  • Music
  • Props and costumes
  • Resource pack to follow up the work

Space needed: School hall or large uncluttered room

Price for one day:

£280 (one director and original script)

*£320 (one director/ original script/ costume /props / music / resource pack)

Please ask us for a quote if you would like to book more than one day.


If your topic is not listed here, we can prepare a bespoke play for you if given four weeks notice.


 Want to book or know more? Contact us