Shakespeare Tour of Schools

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6th – 30th March 2017 We are now taking bookings for our Shakespeare tour of schools – for more details and prices download our information sheet – Shakespeare Tour 2017. Book  before the end of January, or if you are a school in our … Continued

Anti-Bullying Drama Workshop Tour

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Well, anti-bullying week is over and we are on the final leg of our anti-bullying tour. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our tour and from the anti-bullying play in a day we delivered across November. “I would like to … Continued

Road Safety Awareness Week

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The 21st – 27th November is Road Safety Awareness Week and this year the charity Brake are asking people to make a pledge to stay safe on the roads,  the pledge is this: Slow Drivers – I’ll stay under limits, and slow … Continued

Great Fire of London drama

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  In September, to commemorate the fact that its 350 years since The Great Fire of London a 120 metre long installation   – a wooden replica of 1666 London was set ablaze on the River Thames. It was in memory of the … Continued

Halloween Drama Games

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Its that spooky time of year – here are some of our favourite Halloween drama games. Zombie Name Game One of our favourites at any time of year, but particularly good at Halloween! You can use to learn the names … Continued

Anti-Bullying advice for schools

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The anti-bullying alliance have pointed out that due to the Brexit they are deeply concerned about rising levels of racism and the impact this will have on children in our schools and communities. Here is some advice for schools and immediate … Continued

Anti-Bullying Week 2016

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We are very happy to announce that this years anti-bullying theme is ‘Power for Good’.  Anti-Bullying week is running from the 14th – 18th November and this year’s theme aims are: To support young people to understand the ways in which they are … Continued

Anti-Bullying 2015

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Captain Superpants has hung up his pants – this must mean  years anti-bullying tour is over!  Our Ks2 show – Shush, Don’t Tell has had some rave reviews from pupils – these are some of our favourites: We also (true story) have spent … Continued

Guy Fawkes Drama Workshop

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Remember, Remember the 5th November? We do! Every year, people all over Britain become light bonfires and set off fireworks, our way of remembering the events of November 5th 1605 when a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King … Continued

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