Act On Info regularly work with organisations such as charities, businesses and community groups to deliver important educational messages to young people. We have run short or long term projects and are happy to lead or collaborate on funding applications, coordination,  delivery and feedback of the project.

If you are a organisation and would like to know more about our existing projects or would like to discuss  how we can enhance your project please contact

Take a look at our current and previous projects below.

Linnaeus – The Man Who Named Plants

We are currently working on a project with Plymouth University to educate Year 6 pupils on Linnaeus – a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, who formalised the modern system of naming organisms called binomial nomenclature. He is known by the epithet “father of modern taxonomy”. This interesting chap named and classified most of our plants and animals and was a very fascinating character to boot! The pilot project will run in September 2017 and we are currently searching for an actor / scientist for the project.


My Terms and Conditions Apply

A new forum theatre performance and workshop exploring young people’s use of violence and control within their relationships and addressing the impact of technologyThe workshop has been directly informed by the consultations that took place throughout the recent ‘Being Watched’ project delivered by Empowerment People and has been written and devised by Act On Info and Jo Lane of Inspire Safer Futures.

My terms & conditions apply, involves a unique fusion of video footage and live on-stage action, with opportunities throughout to hot seat the characters, inviting the audience to explore, express and evaluate their opinions and attitudes about surveillance and control and the risks of online abuse.

Feedback from the pilot project:
VYM network tweeted:  Brilliant forum theatre workshop this week . Find out more from and .
‘Excellent as it really helps young people slowly and subtly unpick the topic. It is much better than a traditional play as the young people can engage and form opinions watch more and then change their opinion.’
‘It was great a really interesting way to explore an issue which many young people think is ‘normal’ – Alia Pike, Youth Worker @ Manchester College
‘It was thought provoking from beginning to end. Great Actors’
We are currently applying for funding to tour the performance and workshop across the north west to youth provisions alongside specific training for youth workers.

Free 2 Choose

This project was a collaboration between Act On Info and:

  • The Forced Marriage Unit of the government – funding body.
  • Stockport Without Abuse (SWA) – a registered charity dealing with domestic abuse, forced marriage and sexual exploitation.
  • Inspire Safer Futures – a training company empowering people to make positive and safe choices in their lives.
  • Sameem Ali – lead on forced marriage in the city of Manchester, patron to Stockport Without Abuse, and forced marriage survivor.

The project involved a series of training and drama workshops  in high schools around Manchester. Young people were given the opportunity to creatively playback this learning to their year group enabling a wider audience of young people to gain knowledge and understanding of this subject.  Staff training to support  the teaching of consent in marriage across schools and colleges of higher learning was also delivered in various schools.

The culmination of the project was the Free 2 Choose conference for young people held in an arts venue in Manchester. The conference included prominent speakers, performances by young people and a forum theatre workshop Promise Me – delivered by Act On Info.

Promise Me
Promise Me

The Free 2 Choose project ran for two years and reached hundreds of young people across Manchester, we will be continuing this vital work on in the future in the North West and other areas of the country.

If you or someone you know is at risk of forced marriage please contact the Forced Marriage Unit on: 020 7008 0151, from overseas: +44 (0)20 7008 0151, out of hours: 020 7008 1500 or if the threat is immediate please dial 911.

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