WWI Drama Day

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Aged 8 – 13 and enjoy drama? Come to the National Memorial Arboretum on the 16th August where we will be delivering a bespoke promenade Play in a Day to commemorate WWI as part of the centenary events. Opening in … Continued

Shakespeare Play in a Day – International!

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We’re really sorry we haven’t posted anything for a while – yes we could make the usual excuses of filling in funding application forms (which we have done a lot of!) and being busy writing (which we’ve also done a lot … Continued

Back to school!

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Happy New School Year! We have sharpened our pencils, put our new school shoes on (they feel a bit tight!), packed our lunchboxes and we are ready to go back to school! After a great holiday we are raring to … Continued

Pirate Drama Workshops!

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Avast! Ahoy me hearties! This half term we have been delivering lots of our usual Shakespeare and Anti-Bullying drama workshops and Play in a Day aye, but shiver me timbers it seems that the bulk of the work this half term … Continued

Shakespeare with a Whoosh!

We always love working on Shakespeare with young people and have been delivering drama workshops and Play in a Day to get children excited about his plays across the country. With this in mind we are really looking forward to … Continued

Olympic Drama

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Well, we are back in school with a vengeance, covering everything from Fairytales to Volcanoes, with Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greeks thrown in there for good measure. The Ancient Greeks brought us a lot of things including drama for which … Continued

What a Term!

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We are winding down here as we have just done our last day in school in 2011! This term we have had a fantastic time doing Road Safety Workshops, our KS1 show showing how toys Fairy Princess Buttercup, Captain Fearless … Continued

Panto in a Day

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Half way through November already, how did that happen!? This week is anti-bullying week and we are already enjoying our time in schools, offering forum theatre workshops and Kingdom of Respect drama days. Our tour rehearsals are nearly complete for … Continued

Drama Stimuli

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There are a number of things you can use in order to stimulate and enrich an   interesting drama lesson or drama workshop in school. Here are some ideas we here at Act On Info have used in the past. Music … Continued

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