Interesting facts – World Book Day 2019

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So I know we told you yesterday about Roald Dahl, well today we found out something interesting about Lords of the Rings author  J. R. R. Tolkien and it fascinated us so we had to tell you!

Tolkien worked for the Oxford English Dictionary before writing his novels explaining the etymology of words – words of his include “waggle” and “walrus”! We know the next time we use to  use words in a sentence we’ll be thinking of Tolkien! But can we think of a sentence that involves both words?

Which reminds us of when in a long running stage show we were in we used to dare each other to add in ridiculous phrases to our lines just to liven up the show for us on the 460th time we had done it. “I smacked Jimmy Hill with a crabstick” was my favourite!

I’m wondering if we can work the words “waggle” and “walrus” into our new shows for the literacy tour we will be doing for World Book Day 2019? Surely there’s a walrus in A Midsummer Nights Dream? Or someone waggles something in Mirror, Mirror, our KS1 shows based around Snow White? If you want to find out if we manage to put these words in go to our Literacy Tour page and book for your school now!