Once Upon a Wolf – Literacy Tour – 2018

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(Also known as the Big Bad Wolf)
Benjamin Bartholomew Wolf

So when writing our KS1 literacy show for World Book Day 2018 and beyond we were fascinated by the big bad rep the Big Bad Wolf has. Lots of children (my 8 year-old son included) is terrified of the Big Bad Wolf, so we wanted to ask him some questions. Where did he get this bad reputation? Who called him that name? Is he bad all the time or just some of the time? Does he think he’s bad or just misunderstood? In order to answer these questions we decided we had to write a show from the Big Bad Wolf’s point of view and see if even with his bad reputation we could make the children watching feel differently about him, come round to his point of view and start thinking that there might just be two sides to every story! Our KS1 Literacy Show – Once Upon a Wolf was born. 

We explored the stories of Little Red Riding Hood (Innocent little girl or rude name calling bully?) and The Three Little Pigs (How could anyone blow down a house? That’s impossible!) from Benjamin Bartholomew Wolfs (aka the Big Bad Wolfs) point of view. The reaction of the children was fascinating with an almost 50/50 split as to whether they believed Benjamin’s side of the story or Red Riding Hood and the Little Pigs and we know it caused some very interesting discussions in the classroom after the show!

Thanks to our fabulous cast, Michael, Edwina and Lucy who did such an amazing job and made the show so much fun to work on and watch, and to the children who joined in and became some fabulous fairy tale characters, and to some fab audiences in schools across the country. We know when doing children’s theatre it really is the audience that brings it to life! A great tour Literacy Tour was had by all, and now we are considering taking Benjamin to more and more venues as he’s such a fab character we don’t want to let him go! We’re also now planning what our KS1 show will be next year so keep an eye on our Literacy Tour page for more details!