Literacy Competition for schools

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In keeping with our Literacy Tour in March for World Book Day and Shakespeare Week we have been looking at exciting literacy opportunities for schools across the country and thought we’d draw your attention to this. 



Do you have a budding Carol Ann Duffy or Dylan Thomas in your midst?

Sky would like to commission a number of schools to contribute poems from pupils along with artwork or additional exciting pieces, showing us a child’s eye view about what life is like in their town, city or village up and down the country.

The five best poems will be filmed being recited and these shorts, accompanied by visuals alongside them, will be transmitted in March 2019 on Sky Arts.

The 50 best poems will form the basis of a collection entitled ‘School Britannia’’ which will provide a historic legacy of the project.


We need to know WHY you should be included. Are you the smallest school in the UK? Are you the biggest? Are you the most isolated? Are you a special school for other reasons? Is where you live the ultimate British village? The first or last ‘new town’ created? Is it a place a particular group flocked to in – be it in 1500 or 2017? Does it have memorable things for children to do – or nothing at all but fields? Tell us anything that makes your school and where you live stand out from all the others – providing a unique voice in this national debate about what it means to be British.

If your school is picked, we will arrange for a poetry ambassador – an established poet – to visit your school. We will also provide the school with a small donation for the time, resources and effort you put into the project.

Our choices will be based on exciting pitches that enable us to show differing aspects of Britishness across the rural, town and suburban landscapes of the UK and beyond.

For  more details see – Sky Arts 50 website