Anti-Bullying advice for schools

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ABA assoc member 2 colourThe anti-bullying alliance have pointed out that due to the Brexit they are deeply concerned about rising levels of racism and the impact this will have on children in our schools and communities. Here is some advice for schools and immediate action that they can take:

  • Send out an email/ letter to all parents reminding them of the school ethos and values being clear that you will challenge all forms of bullying and abuse. Be clear that any reports of racist behaviour will be taken extremely seriously and this includes activity on social media.
  • Encourage all staff to be vigilant to bullying, prejudice and abuse and to report any concerns.
  • Take time in assemblies and lessons to remind pupils that they are all equally cherished, respected and valued and encourage them to speak to teachers/ support staff if they have any worries or concerns about bullying, prejudice or abuse.
  • Remind pupils that you will challenge any offensive language or comments and that you take all forms of bullying and prejudice extremely seriously.
  • Make sure you keep a record of any incidents and take immediate action if you receive a report of bullying or abuse.
  • Children will parrot what they hear at home, in the streets and on social media. Be patient, be kind and always speak from a place of love.