Anti-Bullying – make PSHE compulsory

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As a member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance we are pleased to see that they have got behind the campaign to make PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) statutory as a vital tool in bullying prevention. The campaign is being led by the PSHE Association – of which ABA Is a member.

They are  asking you to write to Number 10 using their quick and easy contact form and to save you time, they have prepared the following text (approved by the PSHE Association) for you to use. This should only take 2 minutes if you follow these quick, easy steps, but could make a huge difference:

Visit the Prime Minister contact form
Fill in your name, address, email and the text below (or your own)
Hit send
Verify your response by clicking on the link in the automated confirmation email you receive it

Suggested subject line: Keeping pupils safe through statutory PSHE education

Text to be copied and pasted (or provide your own):

According to Ofsted, provision of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, the subject in which pupils learn about staying safe both online and offline, is “not good enough”.  This means our children are at risk of bullying, manipulation and abuse.  In February, the Commons Education Committee recommended statutory status for PSHE, backed by leading child safety bodies, 90% of parents, 92% of pupils and 88% of teachers.

The Commons Education Select Committee recommended that sex and relationships education (SRE) be made compulsory in ALL schools as an integral part of statutory PSHE education.  Lack of comprehensive SRE leaves many children unable to speak out about unwanted touch and sexual bullying; ill-equipped to recognise abusive behaviour both offline and online and at risk of prosecution related to ‘sexting’ and other risky behaviour.

I call on the Prime Minister to make PSHE statutory to keep our children safe – wherever they may be.

With 15 years experience providing anti-bullying drama workshops in schools we feel PSHE is a vital tool for communication with our young people, and one that should not be overlooked or side-lined with a view to maintaining targets. Bullying, sexting, cyberbullying, flaming, relationship abuse and sexual abuse are all on the rise in our schools. Lets do something about it now.