Where am I? Drama Game of the Week!

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This game can be used to simulate imagination & physicality.

A great warm up if you are going on to do work which involves asking your group to imagine themselves in a different setting.  Ask everyone to walk around the space in a random fashion (rather than in a circle or in one direction). Once everyone has explored the space – change the setting. Say for example – “You are no longer in this room – now you are on Mars – the floor is very rocky and the cold wind is blowing, you pull your coat tighter around you but the cold just keeps getting colder,  your nose and eyes start running and every part of your body becomes stiffer as your bones start to freeze and SUDDENLY you become a frozen statue.”

Change the setting, environment, tempurature, situation, as many times as you like. This game is a great way to get children into play mode. At the end of this game use an enviornment that is very warm and friendly  and tell everyone they are surrounded by friends they haven’t seen in a long time. Tell them to greet everyone in the group with a warm smile and handshake, adding in a line such as “It’s so nice to see you!” This game if used correctly can encourage group involvement and respect for others.