Race! Drama Game of the Week!

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runningDoes your group need a kick start first thing in the morning? This is a great energising warm-up activity to get everyone moving and awake!

 Have everyone stand in a circle facing inward and tell the group that they are about to run a race. They are just behind the starting line and they need to stretch their legs and pump themselves up for the win!

“On your mark! Get set! GO!” And your Off! Everyone is running on the spot as fast as they can, they’re being cheered-on by their fans on the sidelines, they pass one of the other runners, they turn a corner, they jump over a log, they swim across a lake – It’s up to you! Have them react to whatever you tell them and then – you cross the finish line! Walk it off, take some deep breaths and raise both your arms up in the air because you are the champion!

Works well with a large group.