Zip, Zap, Boing! Drama Game of the Week!

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This game is a fantastic icebreaker and is also used for creating energy and focus within a group before a performance. The last time we played it was before a performance at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester with a group of twenty adults, so it really does work in all instances!

The group starts in circle, one of the players places there palms together and points to the player to the right of them and says ‘zip’. That player turns to the next player in the circle to the right, points to them and says ‘zip’. Thus the ‘zip’ is passed around the circle to the right.

At any time any player can redirect the zip back to the person who gave it to them by pointing at them and saying ‘zap’! The zap then gets passed around to the left, until someone changes the direction by zipping the person to their right again and so on.  Now the ‘zip’ is passed around the circle, changing direction every time there is a ‘zap’ and vice versa.

Alternately, the person that receives the ‘zip’ or ‘zap’ may elect to yell ‘boing’ and point at someone across the circle. That player then restarts the ‘zip’ going in the direction of their choice. The group must really focus for this to work! It doesn’t matter if someone yells zip instead of zap or even pow instead of boing (as I did last time I played it, yes, I got too excited!) as long as you encourage the group to keep the energy high all the way through. Have fun!

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