Drama Game of the Week!

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1014252_378055498961538_536933083_nThe Rain Game

A great game to bring your students together and get them to focus.

Get everyone in a circle. Rub the palms of your hands together, making a swishing sound. Ask the students to join in. Once all the students are copying you, begin to snap your fingers, in the rhythm of rain falling, with the pupils joining in. Next tap two fingers on your palm imitating the sound of louder rain. Then start clapping as the rain really starts pelting down. The “rainstorm” reaches its peak as you begin to stomp your feet, with the pupils following. Then, wind the storm down again, with the students following your actions: stamping, clapping, patting, snapping, palms rubbing, until the storm is over and everything is quiet again.

Once they have masterd the storm you can split the group into different secitions and ask them to create other sound effects, such as thunder, or lightening or wind.  You can then conduct  the storm  to get louder or quieter using your hand held straight out, palm down, raising it when you want them to be louder or lowering it when you want them to get quieter.

We have ued this technique to great effect when directing our Play in a Day. Have fun!

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