Drama Game of the Week!

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She fell in love ith a donkey headThe Stage Game

Physical warm up + an introduction to stagecraft

Approximately 10 minutes long

Everybody goes to the edges of the room or makes a large circle. If you don’t have an actual stage, you can mark out where the stage would be in your room. Explain to the group where the audience is sitting. Stand in various different areas of the stage and ask the group to guess what the areas of the stage are called, prompting them until they get it right.


Up stage-right

Up stage

Up stage –left


Centre Stage

Stage –left

Down stage-right

Down- stage

Down stage –left


In case you don’t know, stages used to be raked, sloping up away from audiences. Hence “up” and “down” stage.  Stage left and stage right refers to the actors left and right when facing the audience.

Ask the group to walk around the space neutrally then call out the different areas of the stage and get them to run or walk quickly to that area until they are all feeling familiar with the stage directions.


 If you are about to direct a specific play with the group for fun add in characters from the play to the game. For example with Midsummer Night’s Dream we occasionally shout “Bottom!” which means everyone has to make donkey ears with their hands and shout “Ee-aw!”. This is a great way to introduce characters to the group if they are just starting work on a play.

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