Drama Game of the Week!

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LionA fun way to get a group physically and mentally alert as well as building teamwork and cooperation. You need a large space to play it in.

Teach everyone the following three characters:

    • Giant – Stands on tip-toes,  raises hands above head, curl fingers, makes a roaring sound
    • Wizard – Crouches slightly, waves and points a magic wand, shouts “kazaam!” or “shazbat” or whatever spell noise tickles you!
    • Elf – On haunches, hands cupped for big ears, makes a screeching noise

Practice the characters with the group by call and response until they all instantly become that character – offer lots of positive encouragement.

Form two teams – each team gets in a huddle at either end of the space.

Give both teams 10 seconds to decide on a character

Use masking tape or a rope on the ground to separate teams  –  each team lines up facing each other with a space of about 4 feet.

Facilitator dramatically announces      “1….2…..3…..”, and the teams adopt their poses, revealing their identity.

  • Giant wins by ‘squishing’ an Elf
  • Elf wins by ‘outwitting’ a Wizard
  • Wizard wins by ‘zapping’ a Giant
  • Identical characters are a draw

 You can use this as a short warm up game and play best out of three or five to decide on a winner with the losing team having to “die” or shrivel up each time. Or you can play the long version:

Immediately, the winning team must chase the losing team and try to capture or tag as many as possible. The losing characters try to  reach a pre-agreed “safe zone” (e.g.in the corner) without being captured. Teams then reconvene and decide on their next character, continuing until one team beats the other.


 The great thing about this game is that you can adapt it to suit your needs. We have used it equally well in warm up with our Tudor drama workshop, Shakespeare Play in a Day and a Superheroes drama workshop to introduce lots of different topics.

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