Are you a Cyber bully?

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5185-cyberbullyingWe are already planning for Anti-Bullying week in November and the number of cyber-bullying workshops we are doing is rapidly on the increase. Cyber bullying is when a person or a group of people uses the internet, mobile phones, or any other kind of digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else. Want to know if you are a cyber bully? Read this:

Instant messaging (IM) and chat rooms

If you use instant messaging and chat rooms to threaten, humiliate or abuse messages to someone else and asking others to join in, or hack into another person’s account, without their permission, to send abusive messages to other people, you are a cyber bully.

Social networking sites

If you write hurtful comments on someone’s profile or making jokes or comments about people on your own status updates or tweets you are a cyber bully.  Even if you aren’t the person who made the original comment, by agreeing with it or liking the post you become part of the bullying.

If you set up a fake profile dedicated to bullying someone else you are a cyber-bully. Usually bullying in this way can be seen by a large group of people who then become part of the bullying.

If you send emails that are deliberately designed to hurt or abuse someone – including sending emails to a group of people who are joining in with the bullying you are a cyber bully. This also includes sending videos or viruses via email.

Mobile Phone

If you threaten someone into sending a sexually explicit text, image or video on their mobile phone (sexting) you are a cyber bully. Or if the person has sent you the text or image voluntarily and you send these on to others you are a cyber bully.

If you send threatening texts, videos or photos or share videos showing you or anyone else taking part in a physical attack on someone (happy slapping or blue jacking) you are a cyber bully.

Next week in our blog we will be looking at how cyber-bullying makes victims feel. If you would like more details about our cyber-bullying drama workshops for anti-bullying week 2013 please get in touch.


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