Summer Term!

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Welcome back to the Summer Term everyone! We had to battle through the wind and rain to get to Act On Info Towers this morning, but we shan’t let the weather defeat us as we’re so glad to be back in school doing what we love best – delivering drama workshops.

This half term it appears it’s all about Pirates! Aaaarrr me hearties. Our Pirate Captain has left his empty ship and is searching for a new crew  – the last one was eaten by a sea monster! We’ll be finding out which Key Stage 1 pupils are brave enough to join us on our sea going adventure and who can find the Treasure – X marks the spot!

With this in mind here are some excellent Pirate facts:

  •  Pirates believed that wearing pierced earrings would improve their eyesight
  • When a pirate said “shiver me timbers” it was actually a request for another pirate to shave his back.
  •  The combination to Davy Jones’ Locker was left 30, right 21, left 8.
  • Maps with X’s to mark the spot weren’t really used; pirates would simply remember where they left their treasure and communicate it to others through the creative medium of dance.

Please note: Some of these facts aren’t true shipmates, but while you were reading them our Pirate Captain has stolen your ship – aarrrrr!!

Click here for more information on our Pirate Drama Workshops   or get in touch using our quick enquiry but be prepared to walk the plank!

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