Drama Game of the Week

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Teamwork, Focus, Rhythm Warm up

Human Machine

Any size group.

This is a great drama game that encourages a group to work together. Get everyone in a circle, they can choose whether to stand or sit. One person starts by making a movement that goes from the person on their left to the person on their right. This is accompanied by a sound. This movement and sound is repeated from left to right, until a rhythm is heard and seen.

The person on the right then makes a different motion that continues on from the motion presented to them. For example – if the first person has made a movement as if they are picking something up on their left and dropping it in the air over the person on their right then that person needs to make their own movement catch the object being dropped over them so they can continue the motion.  Eventually, everyone in the circle will be receiving and passing an imaginary object around the circle with repeated movements and sound.

If working with younger children start by using a real object, a ball or beanbag which will help them imagine the object and keep track of where it is in the circle. With older children your can develop this into looking at other areas of the curriculum, build a repeated number pattern into it for maths, or use it to describe factory conditions for the Victorians.


We know that it’s March but we are already thinking about April when we will be concentrating on our Road Safety drama workshops – beep beep! Also, don’t forget to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday on the 23rd April with a Shakespeare drama workshop or Shakespeare Play in a Day!


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