Drama Game of the Week

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Teamwork Warm up


Materials – One hoola-hoop!

Medium-large group.

Everyone stands in a circle holding hands. A hoola-hoop is placed on one person’s shoulder so that it is resting on their right or left shoulder at the top and is in between their legs at the bottom. Without letting go of hands – pass the hoola-hoop all the way around the circle. Encourage the group to cheer-on their group members.

Individuals can help their neighbours get the hoop up and over them by lifting their arms or lowering them closer to the floor. Its fun and the group gets very excited after they have managed to get it all the way round!

Alternately, to make it more about concentration – time how long it takes them to do it,  then try to beat the time as a group.

We know that it’s March but we are already thinking about April when we will be concentrating on our Road Safety drama workshops – beep beep! Also, don’t forget to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday on the 23rd April with a Shakespeare drama workshop or Shakespeare Play in a Day!

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