Drama Game of the Week

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Imagination and Physical Warm up

Explore Your Environment

Works with any size group.

Start the group walking around the space in a random fashion (not a circle or all in one direction). Once everyone has explored the physical space – change the setting.

“You are no longer in this room – now you are in the Arctic the wind is biting, snow sticks to your eyebrows, pull your coat tighter around you it but it just keeps getting colder, your nose is running as all your bones start to freeze and SUDDENLY you have become a frozen statue.”

 Continue to change the setting, environment, temperature, situation, etc. A great way to get children into “play mode”.

 At the end of this game you can then use another game to get them to imagine they are in a beautiful setting, a park or a beach, surrounded by friends they haven’t seen in a long time. Get everyone to approach everyone else in the group with a warm smile, a handshake and a lovely greeting  e.g. “It’s so nice to see you!”. This encourages group involvement and respect for others.

We know that it’s March but we are already thinking about April when we will be concentrating on our Road Safety drama workshops – beep beep and Shakespeare – don’t forget to celebrate his birthday on the 23rd April with a Shakespeare drama workshop or Shakespeare Play in a Day

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