Drama Game of the Week

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Physical Warm up

Run a Marathon

Excellent for  large groups.

The group stands in a circle facing inward. Tell the group that they are about to run a race. They are just behind the starting line, get them to stretch and pump themselves up before their big race.

“On your marks! Get set! GO!” Get everyone running on the spot as fast as they can, waving to their fans on the sidelines, passing other runners, turning a corner, jumping over a cat, scaling a wall, swimming a river – It’s up to you! Get them to react to whatever you tell them and then – cross the finish line! Shake it off, stretch, take some deep breaths and raise both your arms up in the air like a true champion! A great warm-up to get everyone awake and ready to work!

We know that it’s March but we are already thinking about April when we will be concentrating on our Road Safety drama workshops – beep beep! Also, don’t forget to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday on the 23rd April with a Shakespeare drama workshop or Shakespeare Play in a Day!