Powerdown Drama 2013

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We were delighted to go back to Peterborough last November 2012 for Peterborough Powerdown Fortnight!  This brilliant fortnight run by the excellent climate control team at Peterborough City Council involves a series of activities aimed at raising energy awareness in schools. For more details see their website for the 2012-13 events.

One of those activities is Act On Info providing two energy awareness plays to schools.

With our original play “Switch Off and Save The Future” the pupils are whizzed forward into the future and meet a family who regularly have “Powerdown’s” – regular intervals where the electricity is switched off. Grandad, an inventor (Nutter!) luckily has a time machine (Watch!) that he has invented in his laboratory (Shed!) to take the children back in time to discover how fossil fuels were created, why they are running out and what we can do now to “Switch Off and Save The Future!”

As well as this play we also showcased “Energy Quest!” our brand new play focusing on renewable resources and based around….wait for it….drum roll……Space Pirates – aarrrrrr! Captain Galactic and his clever *cough* sidekick Spacebrain have sailed to Earth to plunder our electricity so they don’t have to wash their socks in the sea anymore! Can Professor Switchoff persuade them that what they need instead is renewable resources?

Doing these energy awareness shows have been almost too much fun, whilst putting across a very serious and much needed message and we are very much looking forward to going back to Peterborough in March 2013 to deliver them again. Can we do it? Oh yes we can! Hang on, this is not a pantomime! Watch out for more photos after the March 2013 tour!

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