Florence Nightingale Drama Workshop

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Florence Nightingale was an amazing, pioneering woman! We know this because recently our Florence Nightingale drama workshops for Reception and KS1 classes have been flying out all over the country.

Some facts you might not know about Flo:

1. Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy in 1820.

2. Her parents William and Fanny were very, very rich. William was a banker.

3. She had a sister called Frances whom she called Pop.

4. She didn’t go to school and was taught at home by her father.

5. As a child she had a pet owl called Athena.

5. In 1853 she went to Turkey to Scutari hospital to tend to the soldiers of the Crimean war.

6. When she walked among the thousands of beds at the hospital the soldiers would blow her shadow a kiss.

8. She set up theatres for the recovered soldiers in the hospital to stop them spending all their money down the pub!

9. The Sultan of Turkey sent her a diamond bracelet.

10. She set up the first teaching hospital for nurses at St Thomas’ hospital in London.

We have been having exceptional fun delivering our Florence Nightingale drama workshops, with some of the children believing our costumed actor is actually Florence Nightingale! A wonderfully interactive and simple way of getting across important facts about history.

Out of the mouths of babes – Recently the first question Florence was asked by a Yr 1 student was – “Florence, aren’t you dead?” Um…….


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