Gunpowder Plot Drama Workshop

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Hello! We haven’t had a minute to write blogs this term, what with tours flying out and anti-bullying week coming up next week we are incredibly busy bees!

However we wanted to keep you up to date with some of the fantastic work we have been doing this half term, starting with our Gunpowder Plot workshop. We think this is an important topic for young people to learn about an important event in British History that is still impacting on us 400 years later.

Our learning objectives for our Gunpowder Plot are:

  • Learn key features of a past event in British history
  • Understand the sequence of events of the Gunpowder Plot
  • Understand why we celebrate Bonfire Night
  • Gain some insight into the plotters’ and King James options and motivation
  • Develop their speaking, listening, thinking and creative skills through discussion, debate and drama.

We use a mixture of drama games and activities with discussion to bring this topic to life for the pupils. This is some recent feedback from a primary school teacher in Stroud.

“I have booked various drama groups and similar things in the past and have found that they sometimes find it really difficult to pitch their sessions appropriately for this age group.  (Yr 1 & 2)  This was pitched perfectly for their age.  They loved all the games and I thought the split between learning the story, discussing different parts of it and the games worked really well.  We did some more work on the story in the afternoon and they were all able to discuss the main events really well.  The facilitator interacted really well with the children and responded to their needs and abilities well. So, thank you very much for a great session.  I will use you again!” KS1 teacher – Stroud

Thanks to our facilitators for the great work on the Gunpowder Plot and we look forward to working on this workshop again next year.

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