Drama Game of the Week

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Getting a group to mix up and not just work with their friends or the same people each time can be a battle, so find a fun way to do it!

Spread everyone out and tell them that they are on a boat and the boat is sinking! Get them to walk around the space.  When you shout out a number they have to get into a lifeboat with exactly the right number of people! Once they have done this get them to move around the space again before they get into the next lifeboat, this way they will keep mixing up into different groups.

 If they don’t have enough people they can spread themselves out to make the group look bigger.

If you then have a set group number that you want them to get into for your work, simply finish on that number and call land ahoy!

Don’t forget that next month it is anti-bullying week and we have a range of anti-bullying drama workshops for your school so get in touch now before we are all booked up!

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