Drama Game of the Week

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Greetings Earthling!

Get the group to walk around the space, at a given signal they have to greet the next person they come across. It just need to be a brief hello and then they continue walking. The facilitator calls out how to greet the next person each time. For example:

  • Greet as an alien
  • Greet a long lost relative
  • Greet someone you don’t like
  • Greet as an eskimo
  • Greet as an elephant
  • Greet as a clown at the circus

You can get the group to do it once just using movement then ask them to add words to their greetings.

Don’t forget that next month it is anti-bullying week and we have a range of anti-bullying drama workshops for your school so get in touch now before we are all booked up!



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