Road Safety Drama Workshops

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Walking or cycling to school is fantastic but we really have to educate our children in road safety. Due to the fantastic work of the government and schools in 2009 we had the lowest number of road accident deaths on record. Britain’s overall road safety record for children is on the whole very good, and its rate for child fatalities is well below the European average. But our record on child pedestrian fatalities remains worse than many other European countries:

  • In 2009, 38 children aged 0–11 years were killed on Britain’s roads. Another 1,372 were seriously injured.
  • Most children under 9 can’t judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are.
  • 67% of children aged 0–11 killed or seriously injured in 2009 were on foot at the time.

Our response to these statistics is to create two separate road safety workshops that have been going out to schools across the country this term.

Our KS1 road safety show – “Get Home Safely” shows 3 toys that accidentally get left behind in the park and have to find their way home.  Important messages are delivered in a fun and highly memorable drama workshop allowing the children to learn the basics of road safety whilst watching an imaginative story line and characters they really respond to.

Visual props and actions were used to enable the children learn the steps of “crossing a road” which aids future recall. The children could relate to the toys and the fact that they may come out when they aren’t there! The children loved the characters used and couldn’t stop giggling!” – Teacher

The KS2 road safety show – “Don’t Get Splatted” starts with Megan and Matt waiting for there mum to pick them up from school – when Matt steps out into the road without looking they are transported onto a game show – “Don’t Get Splatted!” Through a series of fun and interactive game show type games the children learn important road safety messages.

“A really fine and imaginative way in which to get the messages of road safety across to the children.  Children couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards” – Teacher

 For more details about our road safety shows and when they will be touring your area please click here or get in touch.


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