Olympic Drama

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Well, we are back in school with a vengeance, covering everything from Fairytales to Volcanoes, with Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greeks thrown in there for good measure.

The Ancient Greeks brought us a lot of things including drama for which we are very thankful, but they also brought us the Olympics, which in case you haven’t noticed is happening this summer in our capital city of London!

We know a lot of schools are studying topics on the Olympics next term and with this is mind we have some exciting Play in a Day around this theme.

The Ancient Greeks – Athena and Ares are fighting again, and Poseidon is raising a storm. Our Olympic athletes compete and Athens and Sparta fight to reign supreme. Watch out for thunderbolts!

The Olympics – where did it all begin? Travel back in time with us to Mount Olympus, find out how and why it all began,  what games were involved and how did it develop into the games we have today.

Olympic Values – The values that top class athletes believe in are friendship, respect, and excellence. In this Play in a Day we explore what these values mean to the children and what they mean to the athletes competing in the Olympics.

We are currently taking bookings for our Olympic Plays for next term, so get in touch now. For more details go to our Play in a Day page.

Don’t forget we also have a number of other Play in a Day for KS2 and for KS3 covering all aspects of the national curriculum.

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