What a Term!

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LOOK!We are winding down here as we have just done our last day in school in 2011!

This term we have had a fantastic time doing Road Safety Workshops, our KS1 show showing how toys Fairy Princess Buttercup, Captain Fearless and Sheriff Howdeedoodee find their way home safely across the road after being left behind in the park. Our KS2  Road Safety Show is based around a game show – Don’t Get Splatted, and is a fast paced, fun  interactive experience for the children to learn some serious messages and has been greatly recieved in schools across the Northwest.

Our Kingdom of Respect Drama Days took place up and down the country, and we have seen some  fantastically creative work from  pupils. We have had drama plays, stories being acted out, raps, national anthems, and amazing Kingdoms including – Kindland, the Territory of Tolerance, Respect-alot amongst others, well done everyone for all your hard work!

We have also completed our tour of primary schools as part of the Powerdown Fortnight in Peterborough, our fantastic team of actors doing numerous whole school assemblies and class workshops about saving energy with the message to – Switch Off and Save! We had fantastic fun being futuristic in the year 2031, where everything is silver and time machines can be made by your grandad in the shed!  The pupils also came up with some fantastic adverts encouraging other children to Switch Off and Save, setting their adverts on a volcano, in a light bulb and even in a toilet! Watch out for some photos of this show coming in the next few weeks.

All this as well as various Play in a Days and Drama Workshops around varied topics such as Space, King Arthur, Robin Hood,  Shakespeare, Telling The Truth,  Ancient Greeks and Literacy projects. Phew! We are looking forward to having a break over Christmas but we are always here to take enquiries about bookings for next year. We are already getting booked up for summer term doing various Play in a Days and drama workshops around Ancient Greeks and Olympic values, so get in touch now.

Feedback from a Yr 3 class.

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