Drama with Early Years/Foundation Stage

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Drama with Early Years

Drama with this age group when done properly can build confidence, develop speaking and listening skills, encourage positive group interaction and increase the child’s self-awareness as part of their social circle.

Drama work should be kept simple and tend towards being a natural extension of their play. It works well being structured around
activities which are already part of this age groups development such as play and role play; games such as follow-my-leader; songs and action rhymes and mime and movement activities.

Spend several sessions just on games and simple exercises to establish boundaries and modes of behaviour before moving on to anything more complex.

Drama Games and Exercises:

If you want to build confidence follow-my-leader and copying games and exercises are great.

To develop gross motor skills and teach children how to manage their arms and hands, clapping games can help improve rhythm and if words are used as well as clapping it can improve their speech and memory skills. Simple rhymes such a Pat-a Cake can be used.

For improving fine motor skills throwing and catching games are excellent.  With these age groups beanbags work best, get them to throw a beanbag in the air, turn around, and catch it again. Work up to throwing the beanbag in the air, clapping then catching. You can also use it as an icebreaker, getting them to throw the beanbag across a circle while saying the name of the person they are throwing it to.

Use a stimulus – nursery rhymes, songs, stories, music, pictures, sounds, all work well.

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