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Teaching our children really is a juggling act. What we may not have thought about before is that while we are saying our kids should get more exercise and go out to play like we used to do when we were kids, you know when the summers were hot and went on forever ..hmmm… sorry, drifted off there for a moment thinking of the sunshine (sigh).

What I was saying is that we have been thinking here at theatre in education HQ that while telling our kids to get out and get more exercise what we are also doing is encouraging them to be outside, near a road. Walking or cycling to school is fantastic but we really have to educate our children in road safety.

Alison's driving test didn't end well
  • In 2004, 3905 children (0 to 16) were killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads (many more were hurt but not seriously).
  • British children are less likely to be accompanied by an adult but more likely to be with friends who will distract their attention than their European equivalents.
  • British children are less likely to use a marked crossing when choosing a crossing point.
  • Boys are more likely to be hit than girls and their accidents are more likely to be severe.
  • The risk increases markedly when they move from primary to secondary school, an eleven year old is twice as likely to be killed or seriously injured in a road accident on their way to school.

How can we here at Act On Info help through theatre in education? Well by writing drama workshops and play in a day’s and taking them into schools to keep the children of the Northwest safe. There are a few things you can do too.

  • Make sure you tell your children the danger points above.
  • Walk them to school, the shops and the park until you are comfortable they know the best places to walk, cross the road and look out for blind spots. Keep doing it until you’re sure they’ve got the message. (Yes, they’ll hate you, but it’ll be worth it for your peace of mind!)
  • Buy them light coloured clothing. If the traffic can’t see them, it can’t avoid them. Yes the coat will get grubby quicker, but isn’t it worth it?
  • Invest in some reflective things – they come in a load of funky designs now, you can get sashes, stickers and badges.
  • Ask their school about a walking bus scheme.
  • Keep your eyes peeled whilst driving,  it’s your responsibilty to look out for our children.

 If you are interested in our road safety drama workshops or play in a day’s do get in touch with us here at theatre in education HQ, we’ll be happy to help.

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